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                UV weathering test chamber
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                2018-05-03 12:19:31
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              • UV weathering test machine details:

                In line with international testing standards: ASTM D4329, D499, D4587, D5208, G154, G53; ISO 4892-3, ISO 11507; EN534; prEN 1062-4, BS 2782; JIS D0205; SAE J2020 and GB all current UV aging test standards.



                1. Effective irradiation area: H 210 × W 900 (mm) × 2

                2. Dimensions: 1350 × 860 × 520 (mm)

                3. Wavelength range: UV-B wavelength range is 280 ~ 320nm

                            UV-A wavelength range is 320-360nm

                4. Irradiation intensity: 0.45 ~ 1W / cm2 continuously adjustable

                5. Temperature resolution: 1 ° C

                6. Illumination temperature range: 50 ° C ~ 70 ° C / temperature tolerance is ± 3 ° C

                7. Condensation temperature range: 40 ° C ~ 60 ° C / temperature tolerance is ± 3 ° C

                8. Blackboard thermometer measurement range: 30~80°C/tolerance is ±1°C

                9. Temperature control mode: microcomputer PID self-tuning temperature control mode

                10. Condensate control: Condensation uses the principle of evaporation and condensation on the surface of tap water, and automatically controls the water supply level.

                11. Automatic water sprinkler system: (including booster pump)

                12. Standard test piece size: 50 × 100mm (specified in the special specification contract)

                13. Use power: 220V/50Hz/20A

                14. Recommended instrument environment: 5 ~ 35 ° C, 40% ~ 85% R? H, distance wall 300mm

                15. Function selection: continuous and cyclic selection, adjustable light and dark time when selecting the cycle function

                16. Timing device: maximum timing 9999H; with power failure hold function, continue to work after the call.

                                                                          UV aging machine UV Tester

                Model Type




                Corresponding standard standard SANSUN GB/T16776 GB/T16777

                Irradiation and dark cycle UV&dark ★ ★ ★

                Fluorescent UV lamp UV Lamps Japan 15W lamp × 2 US 40W lamp × 4 US 500W lamp × 1

                Lamp life Lamps life 4000h 1800h 2000h

                Wavelength Spectrum UV-B UV-A340 UV365

                Irradiation area UV Exposure Area 380×300mm 900×210 210×900

                Dimensions Chamber Dimensions 680×350×435 1510×520×1280 1350×860×520

                Temperature range Temp RT~60°C RT~60°C RT~50°C

                Temperature control method Temperature control PID PID PID

                Sample holder Sample Stand adjustable

                Timing device Timing Max: 9999h

                Standard specimen size Sample size customization

                It is recommended that the instrument use environment Environment 5 ~ 35 ° C, 40% ~ 85% R? H

                Use the power supply Electrical AC220V/10A

                The only manufacturer in China that specializes in the production of UV accelerated aging testers for all relevant domestic and international standards. JT-UV206/301/601/701 UV testing machine is the first in China, with a unique maintenance-free structure design, which is more convenient to use and more energy efficient.

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